On July 28, 2017, I completed my first PreK Global Education experience. I held a 4-day day-camp that took the children around the world via games, music, crafts, and stories. Monday, we traveled through the Americas. We explored Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the rainforests of South America. On Tuesday, we visited Europe. We traveled through the cities of London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome. Thursday, we jumped to Asia traveling through China, South Korea, India, and Japan. Friday was an exploration of the countries of Africa. We visited Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and Cameroon.

Throughout the week we talked about friendship, kindness, empathy, and diversity. We explored how differences make us special and amazing. We practiced several languages and customs as well as took virtual tours of several regions of the world.

Over the next few weeks, I will share some of the projects we created and whether or not I would be willing to do them again with this age group (3-5).

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