One week of being less distracted…

So I have survived the first week of my challenge to live without social media, games, reading, etc.apps on my phone and learn how to be present, less distracted and more efficient. I didn't realized how hard this would be until my first afternoon when I was waiting in line somewhere and didn't have something … Continue reading One week of being less distracted…


Over the years I have accomplished many things that I am supremely proud of, and well, as many things I am not so proud of, but I don't have regrets. In my 43 years, I have crossed off all of the things I wished for as a child and even a few "bucket list" items … Continue reading Wishes

Where does the time go??

Has it really been 2 years? It is hard to believe that 2 years ago I was in China finishing my year of studying Chinese and began teaching children of migrant workers English. I drug out my departure to the very last minute. My visa expired July 20 and I left July 19th. I was … Continue reading Where does the time go??

This is where I hope to write about my trip

I have avoided talking about it for months, at least in any specific terms. It was just too painful. Being on the opposite side of the world from your love. I tried to push the memories away but they keep coming back haunting my dreams. I didn't want to think about it, much less talk … Continue reading This is where I hope to write about my trip