Tuesday is my 46th birthday. I am not sad at this revelation, in fact I feel freed by it. I have spent a long time chasing something. Unsure of what this thing was, I had no idea that it was inside me all along. Chasing this beast cost me relationships, friends, family and work. It made me make dumb choices and not learn my lesson on many occasions. However, here is where I rewrite my story. Here is where I acknowledge that I lost many battles over the years but I finally won the war-with myself. I slayed the dragon called happiness. Sadly, there were many causalities along the way. While I will not publish my atonement for my sins, I also want to stop allowing my baggage to hold me hostage. I paid the ransom and now I am free.

My new focus is to take a leap beyond what I fear and forge a path that leaves a better legacy than my old story told. I want to pursue my passions and have fun too. I have been afraid of fun my whole life. I take everything so seriously and stoically, I am anti-fun. I won’t allow my fears drive my ship any longer.

As for the specifics, they will be revealed as I choose to share them. It is time to dance it out, be a gladiator and be the sun. It’s time to say yes.