13619925_10210268621454200_5172207415999319419_nWow, time flies doesn’t it? I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I kept up with my posting and even longer since I did any really writing.

Life is funny that way.

It has been exactly 4 years since I came home from my year in China. Four years of ups and Migrant Children downs and even a few sideways twirls for good measure. A lot of life has been lived in those four years.

It has been six years since I took my first trip to China and South Korea. SIX.YEARS!


Finally! 2013
Finally!! My 2nd Degree (Bachelors) 2013

It has been eight years since I went back to school to finish my Bachelors Degree and embarked on the coolest adventure that led me to the very seat I am sitting in.

Along that journey many people came in and out of my life. Some new friends were made, some old friends were reconnected and others slowly slipped away as each layer of my onion was peeled away.

Sometimes sad things and broken hearts happened on both sides. Other times we just gently drifted like ships passing in the night. All left a mark on me.

So as another hour ticks away, I know that I am happy, healthy, and home.