So I have survived the first week of my challenge to live without social media, games, reading, etc.apps on my phone and learn how to be present, less distracted and more efficient.

I didn’t realized how hard this would be until my first afternoon when I was waiting in line somewhere and didn’t have something to do since I couldn’t check anything. It made me nervous and uncomfortable to not have that shield up. You know the one: not making contact because heaven forbid if we have a conversation in the 2 minutes we are in line. That shield. The armor we use when we are at dinner alone but don’t want to draw the pity stares because, *gasp* we aren’t with a date.

I actually got really good at doing the eating alone thing when I was in China. I found that the different way of eating out helped me gain that confidence to eat alone, at least in the city I was in. When you go get food and eat you sit where ever there is a seat open, even if that means you sit a table with total strangers. No saving seats and empty seats are fair game.

While sitting I would watch people go by. The old lady with the large wagon pulling her steamed bread while bellowing out a sales pitch was always one of my favorite. I often wondered where she was from and how far did she walk to sell them. She would always be waiting at the gates for students on the run to class. 2 rmb for 3 steamed buns. I loved them.

Anyway, I survived a week and plan on continuing it for as long as possible, maybe even forever. I am still on those sites, just now I have to get on the computer to do anything with them.