Anyone that has seen me in person can attest to the fact that I am constantly on my phone. Whether it is for a text, a quick Facebook check or status update, I am always on my phone. It has gotten so bad lately that I believe it is causing my anxiety level to rise. I take it everywhere I go and I feel naked without it. Add in my being isolated to my bed for 7 weeks with no one to really talk to, my phone became my life line. Sad but true.

Today I came across a story on about a person that had decided to try to disconnect from the iPhone. At first he was going for 24 hours, but after successfully getting over the DT’s of not being able to waste time or avoid boredom, he eventually went to a week, then a month. As months passed he made it a year and never looked back. It made me wonder if I and my ADD (oh a squirrel) self could in fact take on such a HUGE change to my, bad habit of being connected to my phone 24/7.

I read over his process and thinking, I then took a look at my non-iPhone options. I also had to be practical since my phone is more then just a phone, its my alarm, radio, GPS, weather, etc…

I looked at all my installed apps and got rid of the obvious choices: games and story loyalty apps. Then I dug deeper and got rid of the biggest waster of time and cause of distraction — my social media monsters: Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, WeChat, QQ.

I then took a long hard look at what was left: Kindle and other readers; Spotify and other radio apps; audio book apps; my Chinese study tools (that I have yet to use); and ll other non-essential apps. I got rid of the multiple radio apps except Songza because it has the best playlist for work and focus. I got rid of all the reading apps, not because they are distracting as much as for the fact they are making me go blind. I have to always read without my glasses on so what was the point of having it. I got rid of all the rest and now have a very tidy landing screen, free of all the distractions.

My newly distraction free distractor
My newly distraction free distractor

I did keep Instagram to post photos from my phone, but that is really it.

Hopefully now I can stop checking my Facebook a thousand times a day to see who if anyone messaged me or checking my Netflix to see if Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 has been released yet. I will have to grow patient and tolerant of time passing. I will have to cope with awkward silence in public places. I will break the cycle of checking in everywhere I go and become strong in my resolve to fill those times with meditation or writing or maybe even reading one of those paper things that have beautiful words in it.

Who knows how long I can do it, but I am ready to try. What about you?