Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil


Those three short phrases are the truth. I do not deny bad things happen everywhere, but in my little corner of the world (Kaifeng, China), life is pleasant.

I have not witnessed anything that would contradict my statement. Call it naivety or blindness, but it is not what I am here for nor will be a part of anything remotely controversial.


I am here to study language and culture and to stuff myself full of delicious food.

I am here to make friends of all kinds, and I have in all levels of society, government, business. I have NEVER been treated badly, harassed or felt unsafe while being here.

I am not saying this because of the status of my scholarship, which was awarded to me but the government. I am saying this because of some things that may or may not be happening. I don’t know of anything so please don’t ask me. I never see anything inappropriate, aside from kids pooping in the streets. So please don’t ask. I will not become involved in anything remotely controversial on any level.

So, I close with this, do you blame children for the parents being bad?

(editors note: I wrote this because I was being inundated with emails from people asking about things that were happening in Tibet and about the women who was forced to have an abortion at 8 months.)