They said it the other night on gLee and it got me thinking about the mysterious man.

I recently had the honor and privilege to help so middle and high school students with their English. During that time I let them pick the topic for the next day. Unanimously chosen was the King of Pop. To myself I wondered why, why would they want to talk about a deeply troubled man who was accused (but never convicted) of unspeakable things?

So I decided to ask. There response was: because of his gift to the world in music, dance and charity. I asked them what about his recent years. They gave me the same answer I have been given by all people in the Asia that I have talked to about him; “what he did in private is on his time, his life. But what he did on stage and in the studio, that is what made him a legend, that is why we love him.”


When I was showing the students some of the music videos I was reminded of why I hung his poster on my wall in 7th grade and why everyone walked, talked, dressed and attempted to dance like him. He was amazing.

His dancing and music inspired millions of people around the world, and still does.

Seeing him through the eyes of a true fan really gave me a new found respect for him. Then watching the tribute episode of gLee made me realize how much I missed his music. I am not even sure why I stopped listening to it., but it is back on my playlist.