As yet another night turns into day and my 4 hours of sleep then 2 hours of awake pattern continues, I began thinking about goals.

I have only 10 days until my next semester begins. Last semester my only goal was survive. But not that I am neck deep in life in China, I think it is time to set some concrete goals for my learning.

In 书店街
In 书店街

Not sure how to start (or implement them) I think of one that is relatively easy: prepare for the May HSK. Not only for the test itself but I want to shoot for the stars and get a Level 4. Last year before the trip here I barely was a level 2. In November my score put me firmly in level 3. So I think level 4 is doable.

Now, for actual class game plan.

Ok, I will commit to at least 2 hours of study, beyond homework, to practice speaking and listening every other day. On the other 3 days of the week I will do at least 2 hours of reading. I am leaving off writing Hanzi because once out of class I will never use it because of computers. I will do my writing homework and I think that is plenty. My reading however, needs to be strengthened.

Ok that is a good start. Hmm what about vocabulary? I need to learn more words, especially every day conversation words. Maybe commit to 10 everyday words (in addition to course work) a week. If I find this too easy I will adjust it to more. But I have a feeling it won’t be.

Not too bad.

To keep myself on target, I will find away to track my progress on my blog/facebook/twitter (provided i am able to access them). This way you can hold me accountable for what I say I am doing or not doing it. I work well under pressure and under guilt.

Alright, time to try to go to sleep again. I mean after all it is 3:22am. Maybe I can get to sleep until 7am provided there aren’t any morning fireworks. 🙂