In addition to my moving and leaving my one job due to injury and starting school, I managed to get the ‘back-to-school’ creeping crud from my youngest. Yes, it was a full on snot war over here and it weren’t pretty.

Well, as I was laying in bed trying not to die and coming off another fever induced hallucination, I realized just how overwhelmed I am at the moment. And this lead to further pondering of why am I so oeverwhelmed? What brought me to here? Then as the fever broke it became clear: I have no goals.

Sure, I mean I have big long term goals: Finish school, go back to China, loose weight, win lottery, bring Bear here, etc. Yet nothing that is smallish or closely do-able right here and now. Just big, fat (pun intended) goals and not any bite sized morsles of doing.

So that brought me to further thinking as to why don’t I have a “weekly goals list” instead of a “to do list” (and if you are like me you make those to-do lists with the best of intentions but not so great on the follow throughs.) When you say to-do and then don’t you feel like a failure then tack whatever it was on to the next to-do list until your to-do list is so unreal you ignore it all together. It is such a negative cycle no wonder I never get through it.

I decided to try something a little different. I created a weekly goals list.

Each week I want to list 4-7 things I want to get accomplished. It can be anything from ‘organize sock drawer’ to ‘try not to eat juck food’, whatever I want.

Then I have a must do list of no more then 5 things. That is one thing per weekday of the “must get dones.” If I get them all done in one day great but if not I can accomplish them one day at a time. These can include things like: ‘read ahead in lecture book’ or ‘do laundry’ or even ‘take out trash’. All the things I need to do but procrastinate on then hate myself for procrastinating on.

I dont know if this will work, but I am optomistic to its relief of my overwhelming feeling. Afterall, we all have to start somewhere.