Having recently moved into my own apartment, I’ve been unpacking my things and came across two boxes, one from my first trip to China and the second one from the most recent trip.

Inside were momentos I had collected along the way. I took every scrap of paper and worn train ticket out and touched them. In a blink of an eye, I was transported to the exact moment in which I collected the item. I could hear the sounds, smell the air and times taste the memory of that moment.

Some pieces I held longer then others, afraid that if I let go the moment, and maybe, the memory would fade.

Then I realized something, these “things” we save from travels or relationships, or even our childhood are more then just things that clutter our homes or take up space–they are small time machines we can use to visit places weve been and to people we knew along the way.

So next time some organizational show says “toss those things, they clutter your life,” don’t listen, because why would you toss out a time machine anyway?