Well, for some reason, today I have been totally bummed. Not sure why. Usually I can shake it off pretty easy but today I couldnt. So I turned to the one sure fired cure for glumliness(yes it is a word because I created it) watch a marathon of Sex and the City.

No matter the baddest of bad days, watching this always makes me laugh, cry and feel happy all over. I have watched the series a million times but I enjoy each episode as if it is the first time seeing it.

Thanks to the wonderful world of online tv in China, I can call up any episode any time.

Today, I finished season 4, which is my favorite of all the seasons. From the modeling jeweled underwear to Big taking a napa in Napa, I enjoy each trial and tribulation (and crazy story) to its fullest.

I have always believed that when Candace Bushnell wrote this story she created the characters based on different parts of our whole sum of selves. We all have a little bit of Carrie, Miranda, Charolette and even Samantha inside of us.

Let me explain. You see, look inside yourself for a moment. Don’t you have a little bit quirky and shopping addict in you. How about your naive side that still hopes for happy endings and prince charming. Haven’t you ever felt a little cynical and judemental? And as much as many wont admit it, we all have a secret Samantha self that rocks the socks of someone now and again.

See we are all of them.

Their stories are our stories, well not exactly but sometimes while watching I will recall some similar circumstance in my life. Whether a disappointment failed or successful relationship or just finding our dream pair of shoes, we all can relate to them on some level.

So as today turns into tomorrow, I can’t help but wonder: if she were bummed, What would Carrie do?