Today has been a rather strange day. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I am sad and a bit reflective. I first thought it was the rainy weather and then maybe a touch of home-sickness; but then it dawned on me, this will be the first year that I will not be attending a memorial for the 9/11 tragedy. Tonight I won’t be walking Tallmadge Circle among the red, white and blue candles placed there but countless volunteers and kept lit by even more kind people. I won’t walk into the old church to watch the replay of the news, say a pray and shed a tear. What I am doing is tonight at 9 pm (9 am in the US) myself and the fellow Americans are getting together to have a memorial of our own. An evening of reflection on those we have lost. Our bodies may be on this side of the world but our hearts are with everyone in the states.


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  1. You will go through ups and downs, particularly in the first months, and the reasons will not always be clear and usually not about just one thing. Try to live in Kaifeng first, connected to the world, but living with your friends sitting right next to you. It would be interesting to find out, for instance, what your Chinese friends think about 9/11 and think about the ways American’s memorialize that day. Do the Chinese treat the Rape of Nanjing siimilarly? If not, why not and do they remember or struggle over the memories in other ways, different from our own, but revealing of…(well, it if is revealing, I cannot fill this in without actually being in Kaigfeng to find out just what it might reveal). Pretty cool web page or blog here!!

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