So as you can guess I have 14 days until I am on a long flight to China. Many have asked what do I do on such long flights, to which I reply “this will only be my third at this length”. But I kinda look forward to them.

I mean you can catch up on all your reading! Seriously, on the way to China last year I finished a book and started another. It is perfect for nearly uninterrupted reading! Especially thanks to ereaders. You can travel light and read heavy.

I also am asked a lot whether I will miss life here. Yes, I would be in human if I didn’t miss life and the people here. I am preparing myself for the holidays (Turkey Day thru New Years) because I know this will be the toughest part emotionally. I am a addict of decorating and celebrating during this time of the year. I will over compensate for this time by decorating my room with all things holiday.

So what now? I try to patiently spend my days doing last minute errands and saying good bye to friends. I also need to get back into my Chinese. I haven’t been very prudent with my studies of it this summer. Sure I dabble and listen to music and movies, but not actually study the language.

August 24th will be here before I know it….I hope.