Many times since I began studying Chinese culture I have been asked (and often wondered myself) strange questions. In an attempt to dispel myths and stereotypes I will create posts when I can about some FAQ (frequently asked questions). My hopes are to educate the willing and disprove the nay-sayers.

Todays FAQ: What do the Chinese eat for breakfast?

I wasn’t quiet sure myself until I went to China last year. And while different in what is eaten the foods are not as strange as some thing. In fact they are quiet good and after getting used to not eating cereal or toast every morning you really began to enjoy the fullness of your tummy throughout the morning.

I stumbled on to this great explanation (with pics) about common Chinese breakfast foods. I hope you enjoy! (I am craving it now just thinking about its goodness!)

***Can I get a cappuccino with those dumplings? What the Chinese eat for breakfast. – travel tips and articles – Lonely Planet