With only 20 days left until I start anew in a new land, I find myself
growing restless. After yesterdays thinking with packing less is more,
I went home and measured the suitcase I had. It was a 34″ one. So I
went and found one I felt would not only force me to pack lighter but
be easier to maneuver through all the modes of transportation and
steps that come with traveling to and within China.


I found a cute 28″ case, and began re-packing, thinking ‘lite’ the whole time.

Re calculating the musts with the wants, I unloaded and reloaded my
space saving bags.

Even with the smaller suitcase I was able to get 99% of the contents
of the much larger bag into my new smaller bag. I can even fit the few
outfits I am currently rotating because I love them. Also, should I
desperately want something I can switch it out for my good smelling
body wash and shampoo bottles.

I think tomorrow (or if ambitious later tonight) I will post my list
of items. I have a feeling everyone, myself included will be surprised
at how much I squashed into this bag. Lol