So I was thinking…

…with the fact that life is getting crazy between school, the fact that I will have a senior and a junior next fall and that I have a sports playing fool of a son, (and that’s just the surface) that I’m going to simplify things.

This mainly has to do with my various websites, and my activity on them. So as of May 1st & will be going down. I will have the domain for still incase I have enough money at some point for hosting, but at this time with things as they are I can’t afford the hosting. It also means that the site where I attempted to revamp my site and blog there, is going away too. So now my blogging will be done on and subsequently linked to my face book, myspace and twitter pages when something posts. Its free and you cant beat free.

Ok…now back to homework (until another ADD thought that I feel I have to share pops in my brain and out on my keys)