Ok so maybe that isn’t entirely fair, but I am finding that the downtown in which I work is more blah than ah! I know this city is dull looking because of the years of rubber companies polluting up the place, but do the people have to be so gray too?

As many know lately I have been working hard on revealing my inner diva on the outside with chic fashion and a twist on what I already had. I scour fashion mags and websites to see how I can make my closet sing like a runway show. And I have had quite a bit of luck with pulling out things from places here and there and pulling together fierce outfits. I even have these great full-length coats (pea coat style) and scarves, hats, and shades that truly give it a total “working it” look. From head to toe, I am glamorous.
So why the stares?

Is it because I dare wear color? That I am not in a black or gray suit? Or do you just not get “it”?

When I occasionally dressed nicely like this when I lived in New Orleans, they got it. So is it because it isn’t a big city? I mean it is a decent sized city. Or is it that fashion, trends, name brands and being glamorous isn’t “in” here?

I look around me as people walk down the streets and I don’t see fashion plates, heck I don’t even see fashion bags, shoes or even outerwear.

I think the closest store that might be able to help is about 20 minutes away in a very chic town. I know this isn’t Manhattan, but geez don’t look at me like I am wearing one of Carries’ crazy (but cute in their own way) ensembles. I am just not gray anymore.

And why should I be?