Ok, I have a great job and a great family…but tonight when I came home the coolest thing happened….

Let me back story a bit…

I am a HUGE Kevin Harvick fan and am a member of his fan club (duh of course I am ) and there was a package on my porch. I was tired today after fighting a nasty cold the last 3 days, so I ignored it until about ten minutes ago.

Well, I couldn’t remember buying anything on eBay (my usual reason for packages) and saw the return label was from “Happy’s EShop” In Kernesville, NC. I figured it was this year’s fan club stuff since I ordered it when my income tax refund came in last month.

I open it up and it’s a 1:24 scale 2007 Reeses #21 car!! At first, I thought it was a mistake, that they messed up my order and sent me the car instead of my membership pack. There was no packing slip in the box. I thought maybe it was a fan’s car they wanted to be autographed, but no packing slip. I looked at the label again and it read: Fan Club Winner 3/5 1 Car packed.

A winner me?? So I ran to the computer and looked it up…I indeed was the winner of the March Fan Club drawing!!! I am soooooo excited!!!

The only thing better would have been Kevin in the box covered in Reeses..but wait that is another story…