Since coming to myspace over a year ago I have gotten back in touch with a lot of friends from grade school to high school. I don’t know why this thought came to me today, probably because we are entering the count down to our 20th high school reunion, but I remember being teased relentlessly for 3 things growing up because they made me look different than everyone else.

No, I don’t have 3 heads but I have very distinctive green eyes, full lips, and a very ample chest. Now what I find hysterical is that women now pay a fortune for these three things. They now can buy colored contacts to have unique eye colors, they pay for injections to give themselves the pouty lips, and you can order it with a side of a boob job.

Now I am not saying anything is wrong with plastic surgery, and I am sure if I had the money to I would nip tuck things here and there. But today’s sexy was yesterdays freak. Funny how life works out that way huh?

HNC eat your heart out!