About Me


Traveler, blogger, writer, photographer, Asiaophile, C-pop & K-pop junkie, Chinese lang & Culture lover, Owner of Shannon Anicas Creations & Public Relations

Shannon Anicas is an American who studied at The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio where she received her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Asian Studies, Business and Communications. Shannon has been published in “Mississippi Magazine,” on several travel sites, such as “Gotsaga.com”, and has appeared in several newspapers in print and online.

NEW: Feb. 2014 Shannon will be a part of the third installment short story anthology from “Melting Pot of Thoughts” titled “Kimchi for the Soul”

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana  and raised in Kiln, Mississippi, Shannon enjoys writing about life through her eyes as and as an admirer of Asian cultures, especially Chinese culture. Additionally, Shannon works to promote multi-cultural education in local schools and she also enjoys studying Chinese.

She now lives in Akron, Ohio near her three children and counting down to her next trip to China. You can find her online at http://4theloveofchina.wordpress.com and facebook.com/shannon.anicas.